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Person to person investment opportunities

Financing for e-commerce projects with shared participation. Risk less and reach a more diverse range of income choices in an efficient way. We are excited to become partners with Paxum. Together we can offer you the best prices for our financial plans.

Business man

For investees

You own e-commerce online properties and want to grow your profits.

For investors

You are financing acquisitions, proposing expense-plans to e-commerce.

For end-users

You like shopping for your favorite products online, but want to pay later.

Our CEO, Payge Robertson

About what we do

Our CEO on our role

It is not only about business success. The relationship between investors, investess and shoppers is essential for the entire economy. In our life context, today, even more. And the future couldn't look any brighter for any kind of online-developed trade.


Why are we convenient?

We are not a bank and do not act as one. We do not carry the same bureaucracy and financial weight, we do not pay logistics, therefore the operational costs are smaller, shoppers love us and create a one-of-a-kind market for both, investors and merchants.

Our world is social lending

At Finaplace, after a classic peer-to-peer lending, we have started to gain ground in marketplace lending, allowing investors to help e-commerce owners, by supporting installments for clients directly. This is a highly praised "modus operandi" and the way we handle things permanently ever since.

One platform, one solution for everyone

On Finaplace, investors finance shoppers asking for installments on the products they buy on e-commerce websites. We have three actors and real advantages for each. If you are among them, just drop us a line, we are always happy to display our offers and how the whole environment works.

Above banking

We mediate loans between private entities. We are not a bank or even a financial institution, we do not lend money directly. We are the middleman connecting applications in need for financial options directly with investors.

The team

Our big family

Success is not about bringing a set of talented people in a building, but about managing to keep a remote team on the same page, at the same time, following one goal.

Chloe Dobrovolski


Adam Feldrum


Mark Gear

Data Science