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When you choose an installment plan, the weight of your investment in a product or service will not feel as heavy. You do everything online, using a regular computer, a tablet or a smartphone. You do not need to visit a bank or lose time all together. The financial agreement between individuals that we have set up - you and the investor -, puts you in a position of power. Negotiate further according to your buying-power and your buyer rating.

What you get:

Buy now, pay later

With FinaPlace, you choose to take advantage of your product or your service now. This way, your current banking balance does not feel the pressure, while you are in the privileged position of using whatever you have bought a few days after, or sometimes instantly.

Custom tax-plans

We do everything that stays in our power to get the minimum possible tax-plan. You can help us by providing a clean record of installments in other situations. We can help you further improve your buyer's rating by offering you affordability, better than classic bank loans.

No added fees

You know from the beginning what to pay and when to pay. No complicated system, no shady roundings. What you have bought is exactly what you will have to pay for in the number of installments you have chosen when you have signed the contract.

Fast turnarounds

The average waiting time to start shopping and use us as a middleman for your session is around 5 minutes. With your electronic signature at hand, it will take us around a business day to check your buyer's profile and establish a business relationship.