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The return of investment is calculated based on the taxes applied to your area, minus eventual insolvency fees, if that's the case, and commission paid to FinaPlace. Like any other similar business-model with a safe ROI, it is not possible to anticipate the numbers prior to investment, because of three main factors:

Investing online could be


For starters, you can rely on the 4% ROI if you apply for a guaranteed investment. If you think you can make more, commission applied by FinaPlace could be between 5.5% and 12%, with an annual overtax between 5% and 7%. We have flexibility when choosing the numbers you are willing to invest and we are ready to negotiate for larger sums. We leave you to decide what you want to risk.


When investing in people, you should first consider people's rating. Even so, we always choose the best investees, so that your investments are as safe as they could be. E-commerce choices we make will further allow us to minimise product/service returns, so your money will not be put on hold. Contracts signed with investees offer a quick and efficient "money-back" policy.

Without hidden fees

Because we do not rely on heavy infrastructure like traditional banks, we do not require taxes to create an account, or to manage the account. Whatever you are willing to invest and the investment model will decide your ROI, therefore your taxes. If you want to assume a higher risk, you may get a bigger profit margin, and the commissions are well known every step of the way.